Katinko Gift Set NB


The Katinko Gift Set NB is a thoughtful collection perfect for partners looking for a practical and comforting gift. This set includes a variety of Katinko products known for their effectiveness in soothing minor pains and aches. Enclosed in an attractive Inabel pouch, it’s a handy gift for anyone who values wellness.

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  • Alcohol tube spray: Ideal for hygienic purposes and general antiseptic use.
  • Katinko ointment (10g) and stick ointment: Provide relief from muscle strains, neck and shoulder stiffness, and minor skin irritations.
  • Katinko inhaler and oil (10ml): Help ease headaches, cold symptoms, and travel sickness.
  • Each item is thoughtfully packaged in a randomly colored Inabel pouch, adding a unique touch to this versatile set.


  • Ointments and oils: Apply 3-4 times daily to affected areas for pain and itch relief.
  • Alcohol spray: Use as needed for sanitizing hands and surfaces.


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