REPLICA Discovery Set – 10 Scents


Gift a sensory adventure with the Maison Margiela REPLICA Discovery Set. This unique set presents 10 evocative fragrances, each in a 2ml Eau De Toilette, capturing distinct memories and emotions. From the cozy warmth of “By The Fireplace” to the refreshing zest of “Under The Lemon Trees”, this collection promises to transport your partner through a world of scents.

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The REPLICA Discovery Set includes ten distinct scents, each offering a unique olfactory journey:

  • Jazz Club: A melody of musky notes with a hint of rum.
  • Lazy Sunday Morning: Soft linen and fresh flowers, reminiscent of a relaxing morning.
  • Under The Lemon Trees: Bright and zesty, like a sunny day in the orchard.
  • By The Fireplace: Warm and comforting, evoking a cozy fireside evening.
  • Bubble Bath: Clean and soothing, like a tranquil spa day.
  • Autumn Vibes: Crisp and earthy, capturing the essence of fall.
  • Sailing Day: Fresh and aquatic, a breeze of ocean air.
  • When The Rain Stops: Refreshing and renewing, like a world washed anew.
  • Beach Walk: Salty air and sandy shores, a summer day at the beach.
  • Springtime In A Park: Blooming flowers and green grass, the freshness of spring.

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