BENBO Eye Massager Foldable Eye Mask


The BENBO Eye Massager Foldable Eye Mask is a great gift idea for your partner.

This eye massager features multi-frequency vibration massage and a 42-degree Celsius heated massage system. It has three massage modes: automatic, vitality, and eye protection.

With a 1200mAh battery capacity, it can be used 6 to 8 times after a full charge.

Its 180° folding design makes it convenient to bring anywhere.

Get this eye massager and help your partner avoid eye fatigue, relax their eye muscles, and adjust their vision.

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  • Product model: AR-205
  • Features: hot compress, vibration
  • Package size: 290*210*90mm
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Material: ABS + PU leather
  • Product size: 230*90*55mm
  • Packing weight: 554g


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